“There were no guidebooks for Kathi – she made it up as she went along. What she lived and learned is an amazing story, and I am delighted to see her tell it.”
—Deborah Norville, anchor, Inside Edition and New York Times Bestselling Author

“For virtually her entire life, Kathi Koll’s lived in the front row seat of caregiving. From alcoholism to cancer—to Don’s debilitating stroke, Kathi felt the full force of brutal illnesses, and yet she dug deep as a caregiver to respond to it all with a strength, honesty, and a dignity that blazes a trail for the rest of us.”
—Peter Rosenberger, Caregivers with Hope radio show host, author of Hope for the Caregiver and husband/caregiver for 30+ years

“Kathi Koll’s passion and spirit shine. Her story is a stellar example of a life fully lived despite devastating circumstances. Read it, read it again, and gift it to someone who needs a dose of laughter-through-tears along with a lot of inspired practical ideas for caregiving as a dynamic, creative, and uplifting act of love.”
—Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen and New York Times Bestselling Author of Promise Me

“In this captivating and touching memoir, Kathi Koll offers a fresh perspective on the relationships that define our families and the care and devotion we give our loved ones. Here is a story of courage, love and resilience no matter what life brings. This is a must-read for all healthcare professionals, their patient’s families and anyone in a caregiving role.”
—Farzad Massoudi, MD Fellow American Assn. of Neurological Surgeons

“This book, full of jaw dropping challenges, unstoppable love, and true inspiration, could not be arriving at a better time, as I believe we could all use a mega dose of whatever is in Kathi Koll’s emotional tool box.”
—Lucie Arnaz

“Kathi Koll is the most modern of genuine American ladies! And her kick-ass demeanor reminds us of the founding frontier women who pioneered the trail’s of our country’s western expansion. Her journey – from Lucille Ball to Laura Bush – is powerful, relatable and personally inspiring. READ this book, as the lessons learned are priceless!”
—Christopher Meigher, Publisher Quest Magazine

“A Kick-Ass Kinda Girl is a deeply moving personal story of love, compassion, devotion, anguish, sorrow, courage, and strength, beautifully told by Kathi Koll. It is the perfect gift for anyone seeking a path through pain to a place of joy, peace and understanding.”
—Alexandra de Borchgrave, President & Chairman Light of Healing Hope Foundation

“True love, selflessness and caring exist in this world and Kathi’s story offers proof. This masterful work will touch many hearts and give any child of God a reason to believe in the greatness of life lived and surrendered to love. Now more than ever we need words that heal, are kind, offer hope and reveal the power of encouragement. This book is a wonderful gift and all who read it will feel they have found a sister in Kathi. I highly recommend it to anyone needing to restore their inner strength and faith.”
—Mother Dolores Hart, O.S.B. Prioress of the Abbey of Regina Laudis and author of The Ear of the Heart: An Actress’s Journey from Hollywood to Holy Vows

“Kathi Koll’s memoir shows how one can put love into action while facing great adversity and heartbreak. With humor, grace and raw honesty, Kathi reveals the personal struggles she has faced as a daughter, a sister, and a spouse selflessly caring for loved ones in need. Through her work with the Kathi Koll Foundation and in her book, Kathi offers encouragement for others who find themselves facing overwhelming circumstances when caring for sick family members regardless of their age, the nature of the disability or their financial situation. Kathi brings a unique perspective to a universal experience and her story offers valuable lessons on how caregivers can improve the quality of their lives and by doing so, improve the quality of care they give others.”
—Donna Benton, PhD, Director USC Family Caregiver Support Center

“Kathi’s creativity and passion put a buoyant spin on her brilliant caregiving strategies, but mostly I love the way this book places caregiving into the context of life. It isn’t about surviving as the child of an alcoholic or as the devoted spouse of someone who’s suffered a debilitating stroke; it’s about living a life powered by joy, motivated by love, and lifted by hope.”
—Joni Rodgers, New York Times bestselling author of Bald in the Land of Big Hair

“With her husband, Don, facing a debilitating illness, Kathi Koll had a choice to make: She could trudge on, fulfilling her role with her head down and teeth gritted. Or she could choose life for both herself and Don, honoring their time together with joy and energy. … Kathi’s story is a testament to perseverance, spirit, and character.
—Senator Bill Frist, MD, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader, surgeon, co-founder of palliative care company Aspire Health

“Kathi and her story are amazing. She is such a caring and selfless person and she is a true inspiration to many. You can’t help but be moved by Kathi’s dedication and circumstances.”
—Lucila Torres, USC Family Caregiver Support Center, USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology graduate student