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An unexpected life of love, joy and adventure—amidst lessons from great loss.

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Get to Know Kathi

Kathi Koll is the founder of The Kathi Koll Foundation, which provides meaningful support to caregivers in need. Her experience caring for her late husband, Don, for almost six years after his debilitating stroke was the inspiration for creating the foundation and writing her award-winning memoir.


About Kathi’s Award-Winning Memoir

When her husband, Don, called on his way to the hospital, Kathi Koll had no idea how dramatically their lives would change—or how her loving heart and indomitable spirit would help her summon the strength to find ways to help Don continue to live life to the fullest. With honesty and refreshing humor Kathi shares what it takes to carry on through the worst of circumstances and reveals an uplifting tale of resilience that will offer great emotional and practical support to anyone in a caregiving role.

A cactus is a symbol of endurance despite adversity.

A Note From Kathi & More

"I’ve had many challenging life experiences, and as I look back at them, I wouldn’t change any of them. The joy of life is to be able to see the positives no matter how bleak the moments are. Just work through them. I promise you—there really is a rainbow of happiness around each challenge. I’ve always been rather adventurous, and my life as a caregiver was too. Throughout my life I have said, 'If I can think it, we can do it.'”