Author Backstory

Why did I write this book? At one time my answer would have been, “I don’t know.” Throughout my colorful life, friends have said, “You’ve got to write a book.” I’d think of some of my fun experiences, but I always circled around to, “Who’d care?”

Now, I hope people who have found themselves in the complex situation of being a caregiver will find hope in my words. My story is unique, but so are all of your stories. Being a caregiver, no matter what economical stratosphere you come from is a badge of courage that no one should have to wear. It eats at our hearts and the depths of our being. Caregivers are number two, but in reality they should be number one.
I hope my story helps all of you out there find some kind of a path to follow. My path taught me that today is merely a blink in time. As difficult as it is, life’s worth living. In the deepest and saddest moments, somewhere there is a flower just blooming.

I’ve had many challenging life experiences, and as I look back at them, I wouldn’t change any of them. The joy of life is to be able to see the positives no matter how bleak the moments are. Just work through them. I promise you—there really is a rainbow of happiness around each challenge. I’ve always been rather adventurous, and my life as a caregiver was too. Throughout my life I have said, “If I can think it, we can do it.”

Yes, I’ve had many sorrows, but most importantly, I’ve had much joy. I can only hope that in sharing a bit of my story, a piece will resonate with others who are also going through difficulties and see that things can be better.